Fillmore Fuels: Sacramento, CA


At Fillmore Fuels, we have created a local community for buyers, sellers and users who are passionately seeking out renewable fuel options. Specializing in Biodiesel fuel and products related to custom diesel parts and motors, we offer a marketplace for Buyers and Sellers to conduct business and build relationships.

There is no other site like Fillmore Fuels for alternative fuel sources. As U.S. consumers grow more aware of their options (and more committed to decreasing our dependence on foreign oil), Fillmore Fuels is committed to growing a local market for like-minded consumers and suppliers.

So, how does it work?

Fillmore Fuels is Community-driven auction site. If you are looking to purchase fuel, feedstock, equipment, vehicles, motors,, etc., browse our “Buy” feature to be connected with suppliers throughout the United States.

Do you have bio-diesel fuel to sell? By-products? How about equipment? Head over to the “Sell” feature for step-by-step instructions on getting your product into the right hands.

The Forum” furthers our community atmosphere with message boards, tips & tricks, and other important topics you choose to post.


What kind of cars are good for using renewable fuel? Well, you need a flexible fuel vehicle that has one important thing: an internal combustion engine that allows you to put both gasoline and ethanol in it. Many companies are now providing state-of-the-art machinery to build these cars like T and S Machines, but the problem lies in the demand. The general public has just not caught on to the fact that they're getting ripped off buy these fuel companies and that it's severely bad for the environment. So, these cares are hard to come by and our expensive, but our worth it in the long run.

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